Hi Friend,
Elephant is one of the Big, Brilliant & Beautiful animal. Since we are child we have an attraction of Elephant due to his size, big ear and stylish walk. Head of Elephant is used for lord Ganesha. So we feel him as GOD.

Elephant is very easy for drawing and painting. Everyone can sketch Elephant.

I have taken a small project on this subject. I want collect One Million Elephant Hand-made drawing and painting in different style from various countries & various peoples. I humbly request you, to draw one sketch or send a drawn sketch of Elephant to onemillionelephants@gmail.com. Your own creativity is your identity. Please send your Name, Age, City and Country with the sketch for the records.

Hope to see a one Elephant Sketch from you… All the best.

Thank you very much.

Name :
Age :
Country :
(Note: Please send only hand made sketches of Elephant, also suggest to your friends)
Prashant, Nashik, India.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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